ISBN: 1853994693

ISBN 13: 9781853994692

Publication Date: July 15, 2010

Pages: 116

Format: paper

Authors: Plato, Chris Emlyn-Jones

3.92 of 4,429

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Plato's Socrates, in prison and being urged to flee execution, raises in acute form, and for the first time in European thought, a central question: is it right to disobey the state? Socrates' controversial answer in "Crito" has generated much contemporary literature, but no English commentary of the Greek text for seventy-five years. This new edition aims to provide an up-to-date literary and philosophical analysis suitable for a wide range of readers, including those with post-beginners Greek. It represents an ideal introduction, not only to the social and philosophical world of Classical Greece, but also to the personality of one of its greatest thinkers.

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