Love and Rockets, Vol. 11: Wigwam Bam

Love and Rockets, Vol. 11: Wigwam Bam

ISBN: 1560971207

ISBN 13: 9781560971207

Publication Date: January 17, 1994

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

Pages: 122

Format: Paperback

Author: Jaime Hernández

4.43 of 250

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When Jaime Hernandez launched his epic "Wigwam Bam" in Love and Rockets v.1 #32, no one realized to what extent it would be his definitive statement on the post-punk culture. As Maggie, Hopey, and the rest of the Locas prowl Los Angeles, the East Coast, and parts in between trying to recapture the carefree spirit of those early days except for Izzy, who tries to flee and ultimately, ironically, is the one who finds Hopey (and who unlocks the secret of Maggie and Hopey's relationship). In a series of precise and affecting vignettes, "Wigwam Bam" brings us up to date on all the members of Jaime's extensive cast of characters Ray and Danita, Doyle, Daffy, Penny Century, Hopey's brother Zero, their various relatives and then drops a narrative bomb on Hopey (and us) in the very last pages. Wigwam Bam reprints the entirety of the story from volume 1, #32-39, as well as an epilogue, "Gonna Make You My Man," which also appears in #42. "Wigwam Bam" is Jaime's most mature and satisfying work yet, and readers who were frustrated trying to read it in serialized form will be amazed to rediscover it in this format. This book is a masterpiece.

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