Martian Time-Slip

Martian Time-Slip

ISBN: 0679761675

ISBN 13: 9780679761679

Publication Date: May 30, 1995

Publisher: Vintage

Pages: 262

Format: Paperback

Author: Philip K. Dick

3.77 of 7,595

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On the arid colony of Mars the only thing more precious than water may be a ten-year-old schizophrenic boy named Manfred Steiner. For although the UN has slated "anomalous" children for deportation and destruction, other people--especially Supreme Goodmember Arnie Kott of the Water Worker's union--suspect that Manfred's disorder  may be a window into the future. In Martian Time-Slip Philip K. Dick uses power politics and extraterrestrial real estate scams, adultery, and murder to penetrate the mysteries of being and time.

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