Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad

ISBN: 0761430148

ISBN 13: 9780761430148

Publication Date: September 01, 2008

Publisher: Cavendish Square Publishing

Pages: 47

Format: Hardcover

Author: Dennis Brindell Fradin

3.50 of 2

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About the Series Students visit some of the most critical moments of United States history in this exciting new series. Each title brings the reader back in time to those defining moments and events, and provides a clear and concise description of what happened, the historical background of the situation, and why America changed because of that event. Full-color photographs and illustrations enhance the text, along with relevant sidebars that highlight and expand the topics and ideas in the text. A timeline at the end of each title places the turning point in context for the reader and provides a quick review of the important events that helped to shape the America we know today. Highlights and Features - Contextual time line places each event within the greater framework of U.S. history. - Relevant sidebars offer fascinating facts and viewpoints to bring the events to life.

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