Love Other Stories

Love  Other Stories

ISBN: 081121625X

ISBN 13: 9780811216258

Publication Date: June 17, 2005

Publisher: New Directions

Pages: 254

Format: Paperback

Author: Tibor Déry

4.32 of 38

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First imprisoned in 1919, then in 1934 for translating Andre Gide's diary of his journey to Russia, over twenty years later Tibor Dery was imprisoned again, this time sentenced to nine years for his writings and political activities during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 against Soviet occupation. Tibor Dery Committees formed around the world in protest, among the many involved: Picasso, Camus, Satre, Bertrand Russell, and E.M. Forster. Today, Tibor Dery is venerated as one of the most important literary figures of Hungary. Love & Other Stories presents a selection of his finest short stories. Dive into the underworld of ordinary lives in Budapest trying to survive the winter of war, menaced by Arrow-cross men (enthusiastic local supporters of the Nazi SS). A loyal Party worker quietly breaks down under oppression, and a political prisoner is released after seven years and returns home. Permeating the whole are questions of responsibility and conscience, of social justice and renewal.

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