Ensign Flandry (Flandry, #1)

Ensign Flandry (Flandry, #1)

ISBN: 0743474430

ISBN 13: 9780743474436

Publication Date: July 01, 2003

Publisher: iBooks

Pages: 203

Format: Paperback

Author: Poul Anderson

3.90 of 1,929

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Introducing...Dominic Flandry.

Before he's through he'll have saved worlds and become the confidante of emperors. But for now he's seventeen years old, as fresh and brash a sprig of the nobility as you would care to know. The only thing as damp as the place behind his ears is the ink on his brand-new commission.

Though through this and his succeeding adventures he will struggle gloriously and win (usually) mighty victories, Dominic Flandry is essentially a tragic figure: a man who knows too much, who knows that battle, scheme and even betray as he will, in the end it will mean nothing. For with the relentlessness of physical law the Long Night approaches. The Terran Empire is dying...

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