Julie of the Wolves (Julie of the Wolves, #1)

Julie of the Wolves (Julie of the Wolves, #1)

ISBN: 0064400581

ISBN 13: 9780064400589

Publication Date: January 05, 2016

Publisher: HarperCollins

Pages: 176

Format: Paperback

Authors: Jean Craighead George, John Schoenherr

3.79 of 48,427

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Miyax, like many adolescents, is torn. But unlike most, her choices may determine whether she lives or dies. At 13, an orphan, and unhappily married, Miyax runs away from her husband's parents' home, hoping to reach San Francisco and her pen pal. But she becomes lost in the vast Alaskan tundra, with no food, no shelter, and no idea which is the way to safety. Now, more than ever, she must look hard at who she really is. Is she Miyax, Eskimo girl of the old ways? Or is she Julie (her "gussak"-white people-name), the modernized teenager who must mock the traditional customs? And when a pack of wolves begins to accept her into their community, Miyax must learn to think like a wolf as well. If she trusts her Eskimo instincts, will she stand a chance of surviving?

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