The Deceiver

The Deceiver

ISBN: 0553297422

ISBN 13: 9780553297423

Publication Date: June 01, 1992

Publisher: Bantam Books

Pages: 480

Format: Paperback

Author: Frederick Forsyth

3.98 of 7,281

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As an intrepid and inventive field agent, McCready's independent style has often driven him beyond the rules. He has not been afraid to press the CIA to the explosion point - or to play cat-and-mouse with the KGB. He has successfully tricked Qaddafi and the IRA and once even set himself up as governor of a remote Caribbean island torn between Fidel Castor and the Colombian drug trade.

But times have changed and mavericks like McCready are an endangered species. Now, before a panel of his peers, McCready must defend his unorthodox exploits or face dismissal. What hangs in the balance is not only his own career, but the very future of British intelligence.

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