Learning Docker

Learning Docker

ISBN 13: 9781784397937

Publication Date: June, 2015

Publisher: PACKT

Pages: 240

Format: ebook

Authors: Pethuru Raj, Jeeva S. Chelladhurai, vinod singh

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Docker is a next-generation platform for simplifying application containerization life-cycle. Docker allows you to create a robust and resilient environment in which you can generate portable, composable, scalable, and stable application containers.

This book is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the various features of Docker from Docker software installation to the impenetrable security of containers. The book starts off by elucidating the installation procedure for Docker and a few troubleshooting techniques. You will be introduced to the process of downloading Docker images and running them as containers. You'll learn how to run containers as a service (CaaS) and also discover how to share data among containers. Later on, you'll explore how to establish the link between containers and orchestrate containers using Docker Compose. You will also come across relevant details about application testing inside a container. You will discover how to debug a container using the docker exec command and the nsenter tool. Finally, you will learn how to secure your containers with SELinux and other proven methods.

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