Siddhartha Smiles

Siddhartha Smiles

Publication Date: September 01, 2014

Publisher: Kindle

Pages: 169

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: Ajit Kumar Jha

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Siddhartha, the Buddha, radiating peace and bliss moves with his band of monks across length and breadth of Indicaland meeting commoners, die-hard criminals and monarchs on rampage, with his mission of peace. 'Now' and 'this moment' is the only truth on which he builds his thesis of peace. The greatest of logicians and the war-crazy monarchs get humbled by his crisp and sharp logic that adds to his presence. Men, women and children from the best and worst of backgrounds and professions are magnetically drawn to him as his words and physical presence powerfully transforms them. His monastery rises and falls but he persists in his mission-the first organized pacifist movement in the world. In course of his peace mission, he faces several challenges. There is a plot to humble him down in an open debate and banish him to the forest. There is plot to kill him. But he emerges unscathed through these challenges. In fact, the greatest challenge comes to him in the form of a royal concubine, who is persistently bent on meeting him and joining his monastery. The rules forbid women from joining the monastery. But ultimately she has her way. Siddhartha is touched by her devotion and courage. He has to change the rule and a royal concubine becomes the first woman to join his order.

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