Strangers in a Strange Land

Strangers in a Strange Land

ISBN: 1612272991

ISBN 13: 9781612272993

Publication Date: March 31, 2014

Publisher: Hollywood Comics

Pages: 162

Format: Paperback

Authors: Jean-Marc Lofficier, Manuel García, Fernando Blanco

4.25 of 4

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Homicron, a NASA physicist whose body is inhabited by an alken intelligence, Starlock, the fugitive servant of awesome cosmic entities, Jaydee, a teenage alien metamorph abandoned on Earth, Jaleb, the telepathic agent of the Galactic Federation and Futura, a mysterious woman from another dimension, are gathered together by Tanka, a former jungle lord and agent of Earth's farthest future, to help save our planet from the deadly threats of Astaroth, the Necromancer and Duuke Oxian.

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