One Good Deed

One Good Deed

Authors: Michael Barnes, Robert Gaines

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Title: One Good Deed
Length (Number of Words):
122,884 336 pages.
Doctor Mark Brownlee, dissatisfied with his humdrum life as a rural family practitioner and increasingly at odds with his live in girlfriend, decides he needs to expand his horizons. His desire for acceptance in a wider circle of peers, and his need for a more adventurous career, leads him to the U.S. Coast Guard.
As a Coast Guard flight surgeon, he soon becomes embroiled in a personal conflict with his boss, Commander Johnson, who takes an instant dislike to the self centered, nonconformist Brownlee. As the freewheeling Brownlee builds a solid reputation as a courageous and skilled doctor within the close-knit Coast Guard aviation community, he continues to aggravate his nemesis.
Brownlee’s predilection for adrenalin rushes leads him into a host of missions, including a brush with drug runners and daring rescues at sea and on land. Rapid promotion and decorations for valor soon follow.
When tragedy strikes the commanding officer of Newport Air Station, his close friend and father of the beautiful Julie, Brownlee is faced with a major ethical dilemma. The decision he makes embroils him in a climactic face-off with Johnson in a court martial that will shape his future in a way which he never envisioned.
This novel tells the story of the personal growth of one young doctor in the seldom discussed setting of the Coast Guard aviation community.

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