Photographing Vermont's Fall Foliage: Where to Find the Iconic Shots

Photographing Vermont's Fall Foliage: Where to  Find the Iconic Shots

ISBN 13: 9781623096014

Publication Date: August 28, 2012

Publisher: BookBaby

Format: ebook

Author: Andy Richards

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This book is a Photographer's illustrated Guide to Finding scenic photographic locations and images of Vermont, particularly during Fall Foliage Season. The book contains detailed directions to the locations, including GPS coordinates, and information about the best time of day to shoot, parking, and other local knowledge. Most of the sites recommended in the book are accompanied by photographs illustrating the scenes.

The author lived in Vermont for many years during his youth, and has traveled extensively to Vermont during the Fall foliage season, specifically to photograph. He has driven throughout most of the state and has kept records and notes of his travels, particularly to the locations he has photographed. These notes of his travels, including driving directions, route numbers and road names, mileages, and GPS coordinates, are all shared in this book, along with exemplar images of the scenes being described.

When possible, the author gives local background and information about parking, local attitudes, and any other "insight" information he has been able to learn.

This is not one of those books that purports to inform the reader about the places to photograph, but turns out to be a "how-to" book. The author does not suggest any photographic technique in the book, and does not talk about equipment or "f-stops," or exposure. Written in the author's informal style, the goal of this book is to share detailed information for other enthusiastic photographers. His hope is that it fills the void so often left by the many books written by photographers about photographing places.

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