Dr. Faustus

Dr. Faustus

ISBN: 0486282082

ISBN 13: 9780486282084

Publication Date: October 20, 1994

Publisher: Dover Publications

Pages: 56

Format: Paperback

Author: Christopher Marlowe

3.79 of 41,616

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For this recording of Christopher Marlowe's ground-breaking drama about death and damnation, a special version of the text, which is a selective conflation of the folios of 1604 and 1616, has been used.

Performed by members of the Online Stage.

Chorus - Elizabeth Klett
Faustus - Peter Tucker
Mephistophilis - Ron Altman
Wagner and Lust - Libby Stephenson
Good Angel and the Duchess of Vanholt - Carol Box
Evil Angel - Lucy Perry
Valdes, Pride, the Cardinal of Lorrain and the Third Scholar - Bob Neufeld
Cornelius, Beelzebub, First Friar and Old Man - Alan Weyman
First Scholar, Covertousness and Ralph - Cate Barratt
Second Scholar, Envy and Emperor Charles V - Marty Kris
Clown, Sloth and Robin - Michele Eaton
Lucifer, Second Friar and the Duke of Vanholt - Joseph Tabler
Wrath, the Pope and Vintner - Phil Benson
Beth Thomas as Gluttony, Third Friar and a Knight
Stage directions read by Denis Daly

© Voices of Today 2015

Public Domain (P)2015 Denis Daly

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