Death of a Showgirl

Death of a Showgirl

ISBN: 0571269699

ISBN 13: 9780571269693

Publication Date: April 04, 2013

Publisher: Faber Faber

Pages: 240

Format: Paperback

Author: Tobias Jones

3.59 of 21

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A Missing Girl:
Beautiful teenager Simona Biondi has gone missing from her home in the Italian capital. Her parents, desperate for information, hire Castagnetti, a private detective, to trawl the streets of Rome in search of her.

A Corrupt Media Baron:
The trail leads him to the dark, erotic world of a TV empire belonging to media mogul turned politician Mario Di Angelo. Here he unearths a murky world in which nubile young women, desperate for stardom, are prepared to do anything to get a break - and in which powerful men are happy to exploit that desperation in order to make money and make love.

A Long-Hidden Crime:
But then Castagnetti makes another shocking discovery. Anna Sartori, a young woman on the fringes of the Di Angelo Empire, went missing almost twenty years ago. And Castagnetti knows that somehow Anna and Simona's disappearances are connected.

In a world where powerful men will go to any lengths to hide their crimes, is it ever possible to uncover the real truth?

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