Dark Places of Rest

Dark Places of Rest

Publication Date: February 03, 2011

Format: ebook

Author: Brick Marlin

3.25 of 4

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This is no longer a free download. I intend on rewriting this book at a later date.

Tobias is a time traveler from Earth's future who is part of a Rebellion that is fighting to save the planet from an alien life form that has taken over Earth. He is sent off to the year 1989 to eliminate a serial killer named Limon who is a mortician taking pride in kidnapping hitchhikers that walk through his town of Woodbury. He straps them down on a table and injects embalming fluid into their veins while they are still alive. Then buries them in burial plots long before the deceased - the ones who are supposed to be buried in them - are lowered into the ground. In the next town over Abain, one of the aliens, arrives through time to observe and make sure that Limon does his job. Limon is actually possessed by an another alien named Zifir. When the aliens travel through time, their DNA breaks apart and upon entry they immediately find a host to attach to that has a yellow and black color of aura around them.

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