Wandering Son, Vol. 2

Wandering Son, Vol. 2

ISBN: 1606994565

ISBN 13: 9781606994566

Publication Date: January 02, 2012

Publisher: Fantagraphics

Pages: 228

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Takako Shimura, Matt Thorn

4.18 of 1,054

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In the second volume of Shimura Takako's superb coming-of-age story, our transgender protagonists, Shuichi and Yoshino, have entered the sixth grade. Shuichi spends a precious gift of cash from his grandmother on a special present for himself, a purchase that triggers a chain of events in which his sister Maho learns his secret, and Shuichi inadvertently steals the heart of a boy Maho in interested in.

The transgender woman who showed so much interest in Yoshino (when she was wearing a boy’s school uniform) in volume one reappears with her boyfriend, and becomes a mentor and friend to the two children. And the kids go on a class trip that is a rite of passage Shuichi would rather pass up. Shuichi is called a “faggot” by another boy, and the dramatic nature in which Saori comes to Shuichi’s defense leads the two to discover a shared fondness for Anne of Green Gables. But despite his propensity to cry (a propensity noted repeatedly by his more outgoing sister), Shuichi finds strength and courage he didn’t know he had.

A sophisticated work translated with sophistication by veteran translator and comics scholar Matt Thorn.

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